ao-mud is a spellbook of well-commented atomic bash scripts that each do one thing. we are building semantic building blocks for an autonomously-evolving digital spellcasting language.
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if ! command -v path-wizard > /dev/null 2>&1; then
read -p "ao-mud is not installed, install now? [y/n]: " choice
if [ "$choice" = "y" ]; then
SCRIPT_DIR=$( cd ${0%/*} && pwd -P )
$SCRIPT_DIR/spells/path-wizard add $SCRIPT_DIR/spells
$SCRIPT_DIR/spells/path-wizard add $SCRIPT_DIR/spells/cantrips
$SCRIPT_DIR/spells/path-wizard add $SCRIPT_DIR/spells/menu
$SCRIPT_DIR/spells/path-wizard add $SCRIPT_DIR/spells/menu/bitcoin
echo ""
echo "Activating your spellbook now."
exit 0
echo "Ok, well the mud won't work until you install it by adding the spells directory to your PATH."
exit 1
echo "ao-mud is already installed. Run it with 'menu' or 'mud'."