User manual for the AO. The same text is intended to be displayed in both the command line (ao-cli) and the web browser (ao-svelte or ao-3).
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Crypto tickers can be added to the right side of the AO to monitor the relative "value" of different cryptocurrencies.

To add a crypto ticker, click "Add Crypto Ticker" in the main menu. Then, enter two abbreviations for two currencies, separated by a slash, and press Enter. For example, enter "BTC / USD" to see the price of BTC in USD. For ERC-20 tokens, use the contract address of the token instead of an abbreviation

Crypto tickers appear on the right edge of the page. Click a crypto ticker to modify it, or press enter when it is empty to remove it.

Hover over a crypto ticker to see market info for the pair from CoinGecko.