User manual for the AO. The same text is intended to be displayed in both the command line (ao-cli) and the web browser (ao-svelte or ao-3).
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Administering other members

The AO ships with a member moderation system that, under certain conditions, allows members to use certain administrative powers on other members. This system distributes the theoretical minimum amount of administrative power necessary to maintain social cohesion as horizontally as possible, and is known as the SENPAI SYSTEM.

The administrative powers are:

  • reset password

  • ban

  • delete

  • reactivate account (= free month of membership)

A "senpai" (senior) may use any of the above admin powers on a "kohai" (junior). One member (member A) is senpai to another (member B) if:

  • Member A is first in the member order before member B, AND

  • Member A's attack score is greater than Member B's defense score

The order of members can be viewed in the Members panel by clicking "Order", and by default is the order in which members' accounts were created. However, the Order may also be changed. Any member may promote any member who is below them in the Order, to just ahead of them in the Order. Since whoever you promote may gain the power to delete your account, this minimizes rank changes.

A member's attack score is equal to their number of vouches. A member's defense score is the higher of two numbers: 1) their attack score, or 2) the highest attack score out of any other member who vouches for them. This means that members may protect other members by vouching for them, taking them under their wing.

The admin powers can be accessed in the "bark" menu via an icon that may appear on the right of each member card in the Members sidebar. The icon of a barking doge will be red and face left if the member is your kohai (junior), and will be green and face right if the member is your senpai (senior). If the member is your senpai and the icon is green, no admin menu will be available—they have one for you. If neither condition is met, but the member is below you in the order list, then a doge angel icon will appear instead for the Promote Above function, which can be used regardless of senpai status.

Since both the order and vouch conditions must be met, new members cannot delete senior members even if they become popular, with many vouches. The AO is meant to be set up on multiple servers, so these features are designed to be used by a relatively unified membership (If the community splits, set up a second AO server).

To reactivate another member's account, your account must be active.

The first member in the Order of members has a special power: they may reactivate their own account, giving themselves a free month of membership. This item appears in the main menu.