User manual for the AO. The same text is intended to be displayed in both the command line (ao-cli) and the web browser (ao-svelte or ao-3).
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Monthly memberships

If your server offers monthly memberships, then each user may be either "active" or "inactive".

Active users may use hardware resources such as RFID door control or the bitcoin soda machine. For inactive members, these features will be locked.

On the 1st of each month, membership dues are charged (if set up). The amount is subtracted from your member points (visible on your member card). You can refill your points with bitcoin or lightning (see next section, "Points & Bounties", subsection entitled "Refilling points").

If, on the 1st, you do not have enough points for monthly membership dues, your account will go to 0. Then, there is an eleven day grace period. On the 11th of the same month, if you still don't have the rest of the points, your account will be deactivated and you will be unable to use the door, soda machine, or other hardware resources.

The amount of member dues are set by typing in a total number (e.g., rent), which is split equally amongst all active members. This amount as well as a maximum cap for individual member dues may be set in the Membership tab of Server Controls.