User manual for the AO. The same text is intended to be displayed in both the command line (ao-cli) and the web browser (ao-svelte or ao-3).
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The AO stores a deck of cards for each member on a server. You can put plain text, Markdown, HTML, pasted links, or uploaded files on a card. You can send cards to other members on the same server, or synchronize cards and their attachments with another AO server over Tor.

Each card has a card menu (three dots) allowing you to change the card's color and access other functions of the card.`,

'Creating a card': `There are two ways to create a card:
  1. Click the Compose button at the top of the bookmarks bar (bottom center), type something, and press Enter to create the card. This will create a card within the card you are currently viewing.

  2. Click an empty grid square, type something, then press Enter to create the card. This will create a card and place it in that grid square.

The card compose box will remember a draft you are writing. Your draft is stored locally in your browser and also saved on the server.

If you type the text of an existing card, that card will be recalled and played instead of creating a duplicate card. It is impossible to create a duplicate card on the AO.

Planned features: Choose color of card before creating; rich text editing features; ability to create a card already-prioritized; ability to create cards encrypted with the server's private key.