User manual for the AO. The same text is intended to be displayed in both the command line (ao-cli) and the web browser (ao-svelte or ao-3).
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Zones of a card

Each card has four zones where other cards can be placed: the priorities, the pyramid or grid, the stack below the grid, and the accomplishments.


Prioritized cards appear in a stack just after the content of the card, but before any other content, so you can focus on the priorities first.

If this stack has more than one card in it, a number will display below the stack of the number of hidden cards. Click this number to show the other cards in the stack.

To prioritize a card, drag it to the priorities area, or if the card has a boat icon in its top-right corner, clicking that will prioritize it. Cards will also be added to the priorities list when they are dropped within the card.

If the list of priorities has more than 6 items in it, a button that says "Refocus" will appear. Click this button to dump all priorities back down to the other stack of cards below.

The number of priorities within a card displays on the front of the card, followed by an exclamation mark. For example, a card with three priorities will display a small "3!" on its face. Click this number to toggle priority mode. While in priority mode, the first priority of a card will display in front of that card on the grid. This allows you to see your next actions even in nested subprojects. (See also Productivity->Priority mode)

To re-prioritize a card to the top of the priorities, drag and drop a card onto the priorities stack.

Pyramid / Grid

After the priorities, an optional grid or pyramid can be added to a card. A grid has squares that other cards can be dragged and dropped on. To add a pyramid to a card, click the card's menu (three dots in lower right of card), then click "Add pyramid". To change it to a grid, click the small triangualur menu button in the lower right corner of the pyramid, then click Grid in the popup menu that appears. In this menu, you can also increase and decrease the size of the grid squares.

To resize a pyramid or increase the number of rows a grid has, click the horizontal +/- button below the grid. To increase the number of columns a grid has, click the vertical +/- buttons to the right of the grid. If you use these buttons to shrink a pyramid or grid to one row (or column), a "-grid" button will appear which allows the grid to be removed.

When a grid is shrunk, any cards that no longer fit will be harmlessly dumped to the stack below the grid.


Other cards that are not prioritized and not placed on the grid accumulate in the stack below the grid. To move a card to the top of the subcards stack, drag and drop a card onto the stack.


The Accomplishments icon appears in the lower left corner of the card when a card contains at least one completed card. When you discard a card from another card, if that card has at least one checkmark, it is moved to the Accomplishments section instead of being discarded. This allows you to collect accomplishments wthout having to think about it.

Click the Accomplishments icon to show the completed cards within a card. If you want to remove a card from the Accomplishments section, drag it and drop it to the background of the page.