Standalone AO API server written in TypeScript. Use @autonomousorganization/ao-cli to install and run as a service.
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AO API Server (ao-server)

The AO API server (or 'AO server') keeps track of the history of a single community. One or more users can connect to the same AO server and communicate.


Use ao-cli to install.

If installing manually:

cd ~
git clone
cd ao-server
npm i --force

(--force is necessary temporarily because we are using a development version of TypeScript to make compiling simpler using a new feature.)

Starting the server

To start the server running, do:

npm run serve

Installing as a service

To run the server in the background or on system startup, install it as a systemd service.

Use ao-cli to do this; it has have an easy menu option built in for this (very soon).