ao-mud is a spellbook of well-commented atomic bash scripts that each do one thing. we are building semantic building blocks for an autonomously-evolving digital spellcasting language.
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ao-bash Opinionated Code Style Guide

This script is a style guide for the ao-bash / ao-mud project and is not meant to be run. Please examine the file in a text editor.

This file represents the current moment of consensus for best practices or de facto policy for the ao-bash / ao-mud project. Please don't take it as the final word; if you would like to critique or improve this document and the best practices it contains, please do so.

File Extensions

Name scripts in the ao-bash suite without the .sh file extension. (Reason: When folders of ao-bash spells are added to the $PATH directory, the scripts can simply be called by name, without having to type .sh every time.)

How to print something to the terminal

say is an ao-bash command that uses printf to echo a line to a screen (it adds the \n to the end and thus functions like echo).

printf is preferred to echo because it is more cross-platform, however realistically echo will also be used and should also work in virtually all cases. Note that printf needs a \n explicitly at the end of the string, and also includes more advanced options for formatting variables that it displays.

How to ask the user a question

ask is an ao-bash suite command that asks the user an open-ended question, and outputs their response (which can be saved in a variable). Use it like this:

answer=ask "Please enter your name:"

ask_yn is a similar command that takes a question, plus an optional second argument Y or N that defines the default response if the user presses Enter (if the second argument is not supplied, it defaults to N):

ask_yn "Would you like a treatment?" Y

Style References

These projects and links provide a reference for the overall aesthetic approach of this project: